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Java is the most capable programming dialect carter for standalone application, Networked Application and the web application. As it is a stage autonomous dialect which implies it will keep running in any Operating System the length of Java Framework is available. In the present market the greater part of the little associations and also the huge association like banks use Java as their web stage. Java has likewise gone more profound into the portable programming as well, fueling all the Android Mobile Devices, Android Tablet Devices, and Android Apps which has greater part piece of the overall industry in the present versatile business sector around the world

In Java OCP accreditation you will gain from fundamental establishment through to propel level and would advance into zones of Oracle-guaranteed Java specialisation–, for example, Java Developer, Java-based web/business designer. With Java OCP get formally perceived as an Oracle Certified Java Programmer today.


    Start Date End Date Session Time Location Booking
    02-01-2017 13-01-2017 M,T,W,T,F 10:00-17:00 Central London Register
    09-01-2017 20-01-2017 M,T,W,T,F 10:00-17:00 Central London Register
    16-01-2017 27-01-2017 M,T,W,T,F 10:00-17:00 Central London Register

    Course Content

    Java Platform Overview


    Java Syntax and Class Review

    • Introductions
    • Course Schedule
    • Java Overview
    • Java Platforms
    • OpenJDK
    • Licensing
    • Java in Server Environments
    • The Java Community Process

      Encapsulation and Polymorphism

      • Simple Java classes
      • Java fields, constructors and methods
      • Model objects using Java classes
      • Package and import statements

        Java Class Design

        • Encapsulation in Java class design
        • Model business problems with Java classes
        • Immutability
        • Subclassing
        • Overloading methods
        • Variable argument methods

          Advanced Class Design

          • Access modifiers: private, protected and public
          • Method overriding
          • Constructor overloading
          • The instanceof operator
          • Virtual method invocation
          • Polymorphism
          • Casting object references
          • Overriding Object methods

            Inheritance with Java Interfaces

            • Abstract classes and type generalization
            • The static and final modifiers
            • Field modifier best practices
            • The Singleton design pattern
            • Designing abstract classes
            • Nested classes
            • Enumerated types

              Generics and Collections

              • Java Interfaces
              • Types of Inheritance
              • Object composition and method delegation
              • Implementing multiple interfaces
              • The DAO design pattern

                String processing

                • Generic classes and type parameters
                • Type inference (diamond)
                • Collections and generics
                • List, set and Map
                • Stack and Deque

                  Exceptions and Assertions

                  • String manipulation with StringBuilder and StringBuffer
                  • Essential String methods
                  • Text parsing in Java
                  • Input processing with Scanner
                  • Text output and formatting
                  • Regular expressions with the Pattern and Matcher classes

                    I/O Fundamentals

                    • Exceptions categories
                    • Standard Java Exception classes
                    • Creating your own Exception classes
                    • Using try-catch and the finally clause
                    • Using try-with-resources and the AutoCloseable interface
                    • The multi-catch feature
                    • Best practices using exceptions
                    • Assertions

                      File I/O with NIO 2

                      • I/O using Java
                      • Reading the console input stream
                      • Writing to the console
                      • Using I/O Streams
                      • Chaining I/O Streams
                      • Channel I/O
                      • Reading and writing objects using Serialization


                        • The Path interface
                        • The Files class
                        • Directory and File operations
                        • Managing file system attributes
                        • Reading, writing, and creating files
                        • Watching for file system changes


                          • Operating system task scheduling
                          • Recognizing multithreaded environments
                          • Creating multi-threaded solutions
                          • Sharing data across threads
                          • Synchronization and Deadlock
                          • Immutable objects

                            Spring Framework

                            • Creating Atomic variables
                            • Using Read-Write Locks
                            • Thread-safe collections
                            • Concurrenct synchronizers (Semaphore, Phaser, and others)
                            • Executors and ThreadPools to concurrently schedule tasks
                            • Parallelism and the Fork-Join framework

                              Applying Inversion of Control (IoC)and Dependency Injection (DI)

                              • Spring architecture fundamentals
                              • Identifying Spring application components
                              • Defining the n-tier application architecture

                                Minimising Code with Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)

                                • Delegating object creation to the Spring bean factory
                                • Controlling bean creation with scopes and methods

                                  AspectJ style AOP

                                  • Transparently applying common functionality
                                  • Defining advice, pointcuts and advisors
                                  • Minimising configuration with Autoproxying

                                    Constructing an Effective DataAccess Tier with Spring

                                    • AspectJ pointcut expression language
                                    • Applying AspectJ style with annotations

                                      Abstracting the Data Access Layer

                                      • Simplifying data access with JDBC templates
                                      • Streamlining runaway code with JDBC templates
                                      • Structuring queries and callbacks for maintainability

                                        Managing transactions

                                        • Supporting the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern
                                        • Achieving implementation independence with platform agnostic exceptions


                                          • Analysing Java EE transaction support
                                          • Controlling transactions with Spring transaction manager
                                          • Declaring transaction policies with XML and annotations
                                            • Advantages of localization
                                            • Defining locale
                                            • Read and set locale using the Locale object
                                            • Resource bundles
                                            • Format messages, dates and number


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